All Of The Activities That We Host Are FREE To Attend!

All Of The Activities That We Host Are FREE To Attend

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The Five Ways of Mandem Meetup

Based on the 5 ways of wellbeing.

Mandem Talk

(Aligned with 5W Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning)

This peer support service provides a safe space for men to talk about their troubles. By doing this we help men to deal with their day to day mental health issues through talking. Our talking circles are safe spaces for men to come and talk about what’s going on in their lives without judgement or expectation.

It’s an opportunity for men to express themselves as well as hear other people’s tribulations which helps provide a sense of togetherness, perspective and purpose. It allows men to release any tension and to understand that they’re not the only ones going through hardship.It is a peer support group led by facilitators. Research shows that peer support can improve people’s well-being, meaning they have fewer hospital stays, larger support networks, and better self-esteem, confidence and social skills.

Mandem Walk

(Aligned with 5W Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning)

The walking services does this outdoors so connects men to nature and gets them exercising and talking both of which can support their mental health. Outdoor time can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension,and stress hormone levels.

Spending at least two hours a week innature can alleviate anxiety, improve concentration, and enhance your immune system. It can aid in fat loss, reduction of cardiovascular disease and diabetes too. Our men are able to reduce isolation and come together to talk side by side with like minded men, side by side,which we have seen to reduce the pressure of talking in an enclosed space.

Mandem Train

(Aligned with 5W Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning)

These are physical training sessions to improve body function and make men healthier. Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.

Mandem Learn

(Aligned with 5W Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give)

Learning new skills through workshops and training to help progress employment and careers. Learning new skills is essential to advancing careers. It diversifies joboptions and helps develop new techniques to keep up with the fast changing world. Workshops and new skills training helps improve self esteem and confidence.

Mandem Help

(Aligned with 5W Connect, Take Notice, Give)

Provides practical support for men most in need. We will provide provisions for the homeless including but not limited to clothing, food,sleeping equipment, toiletries and sanitary products. This will help the most destitute in the community to feel cared for and seen with the ambition to help them help themselves going forward.

Studies have shown that giving is beneficial for combating stress, depression and anxiety and also serves to keep you mentally stimulated, improve your self-confidence and provide you with a sense of purpose. Being charitable will help teach your children about the impact of giving back to the community.

What We Promise

No Expectations
There are no expectations, if you don't want to talk, dont stress, thats more than fine.
No Judgement
No man will judge another under any circumstances.
We Don't Heal Men
Nobody in the community is here to heal another man. We offer a safe-space to openly talk, and optionally seek advice, from other men.
No Conditions
There are no conditions for you to join our community. Come As You Are, You're Welcome Here.
Openly Ask For Advice
If you feel like you need to get advice on anything that you are currently going through, you're more than welcome to ask.
No Divisive Topics
Feel free to speak about what’s going on in your life. If the topic is too divisive it will be shut down.

Join Our Whatsapp Community

A huge part of Mandem Meetup are our Whatsapp groups. We often find that men that could face some form of barrier to getting involved tend to join the whatsapp prior to coming to our in-person meetups. We believe this allow people to form relationships with others.

The groups are open for people to join upon request so if you feel that this could benefit you or someone you know then don't hesitate to get in touch for the link.