All Of The Activities That We Host Are FREE To Attend!

All Of The Activities That We Host Are FREE To Attend

Breaking Stigmas,
Building Brotherhoods.

All of our interventions are free so that there's one less barrier to access for any men who feel they want to be a part of our community.

Mandem Meetup is a grassroots charity promoting, correcting and improving the conversation around men’s mental health and wellbeing. We provide an open, inclusive community for all those who identify as a man, integrating a range of social, holistic and more ‘traditional’ forms of clinical support, ranging from psycho-social interventions and recreational activities, to practical advice and guidance, as well as talking therapy and more.

That’s our ‘official’ answer.

What we really are – at heart – is ordinary people, just like you; offering a relaxed, comfortable, and judgement-free space built to empower you to be yourself. So, come as you are. You’re welcome here.

Our Mission

To remove the stigma around Men's Mental Health by providing safe spaces for men to show up as their authentic selves without judgement or expectation.

Our Vaues


By expressing ourselves in a safe space we create deeper connections


Listening not to respond but to simply hold space for others to feel safe.


We are stronger together.


Come as you are, you're welcome here


To consistently do what is morally right for the community.

What We Promise

No Expectations
There are no expectations, if you don't want to talk, dont stress, thats more than fine.
No Judgement
No man will judge another under any circumstances.
We Don't Heal Men
Nobody in the community is here to heal another man. We offer a safe-space to openly talk, and optionally seek advice, from other men.
No Conditions
There are no conditions for you to join our community. Come As You Are, You're Welcome Here.
Openly Ask For Advice
If you feel like you need to get advice on anything that you are currently going through, you're more than welcome to ask.
No Divisive Topics
Feel free to speak about what’s going on in your life. If the topic is too divisive it will be shut down.

Our Team

Jamie Dennis
Chief Executive Officer
Benjamin Rutter
The Wizard
Christian Denton
Lead Facilitator
Jamie Lewis
Lead Facilitator
Luke Walsh
Fraser Leask

Our Trustees

Raphale Swaby
Julie Bowes
Jagraj Singh
Garry Buick
Jenny Gage

We're working with some incredible organisations.